Facebook is "missing" a critical piece, do you spot it?

Every day Millions of Articles, News Items, Music Albums, Videos, Photos, Links and many other useful content is posted by your friends on Facebook. In addition, your social network is already rating this content using Likes, Comments and Shares.

Are you leveraging the power of your smart-social network?

What if you could quickly search, discover and order useful posts on Facebook using Likes, Comments, Shares and Creation time?

Introducing Advanced Facebook Search

Advanced Facebook Search was conceived to..

  • Help you discover the Best Content available on Facebook.
  • Use the ever-increasing, massive amounts of Data collected by Facebook(in the form of Likes, Comments and Shares) to suggest the best content matching your search criteria.
  • Save your precious time, spent today manually digging through our own, our Friends', or a million Facebook Page's News Feeds, while searching for stuff.

Makes sense? Want to improve your Search Experience?
We are ready to bring you on board.

Discover awesome content, start searching...

Add Advanced Search to Your Facebook Pages

With just a single-click, our Facebook Page Tab Application integrates right inside your Facebook Page, allowing your Page Visitors to search for content on your Facebook Pages.

Install Search on your Facebook Pages!

Screenshots of our Application inside Facebook Pages:

Advanced Facebook Search in Facebook Pages
Advanced Facebook Search Screenshot in Facebook Pages

Professional Analytics & Insights Coming Soon...

  • Discover what keywords your Page Visitors are searching for.
  • Increase the engagement with your Visitors.
  • Know more about your Visitors's Search Pattern.

Soon, we are bringing many more features, so stay tuned...

Install Search on your Facebook Pages!